**We are no longer able to sign off on School Credit for students who need Volunteer Hours. We do, however, allow children 8 years old and older to volunteer as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Contact Us for more information**

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Meet Our Volunteer Coordinator
Rachel Brookes

Rachel Brookes is a graduate from Michigan State University and has been living in Charlotte, NC on and off since 2009.  She currently lives in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood with her husband and golden retriever Jasmine.

Rachel is a professional recruiter for a Michigan based company, Workforce Strategy Inc. (WSI), and loves putting talented people in professional positions to be successful.  She is excited to put her recruiting skills to work for HopeMatch and finding talented volunteers for each event in our community, from gift wrapping to Christmas delivery.

When Rachel first found HopeMatch she connected with their core values, especially their value of Humility as she strongly believes that any one of us could be in an equal situation tomorrow and she is passionate about finding God’s blessing in any situation.

Mission Statement

Providing HOPE by matching local needs with compassionate givers.

Vision Statement

Bringing lasting HOPE and encouragement to the unseen and underserved in our community.

HopeMatch Core Values

We expect our leaders and volunteers to have a good attitude when they volunteer.  We believe that we are great ambassadors to the community we serve; and we exhibit this by our positive attitude and excitement about our mission.

We value communication at HopeMatch.  This includes communication with the Director, other volunteers, donors, and the families we serve.  We believe there can never be too much communication and are committed to learning the communication styles that work best with the people we are working with.

We believe that everyone we come in contact with should be treated with respect and dignity.  Every action we make is a reflection of the organization, so we should be mindful to always speak and act out of respect for each other. 

HopeMatch leaders and volunteers are committed to serving out of a humble nature.  No one person is any better or any less than another.   We put ourselves in the situation of the people we serve and respond in the way we would want to be treated if we were going through similar situations.  We follow “The Golden Rule” at all times.

We feel deep sympathy for the people we serve who are experiencing difficult life circumstances and we feel strongly that we would like to help alleviate their suffering.
HopeMatch leaders and volunteers are thoughtful and considerate of others and treat them with a kind disposition.

Extreme Generosity:
At HopeMatch, we are committed to extreme generosity.  Generosity can come in many forms: financial generosity, generosity of time, generosity of resources.  We believe that to whom much is given, much is required.  We believe in our vision and show that by being generous within the organization and outside of the organization.

Being Intentional and Genuine:
Everything at HopeMatch is individualized to the people we serve.  We realize this can take extra time, but it is proven to be worth it.  We care about the individual.  Everything we do is carefully thought out and planned as a first class event.  In everything we do, we are genuine and authentic.  We are a “real” organization and don’t get caught up in the hype of our culture, but provide a transparent, genuine, and honest place to serve and give.

Prayer/Listening to God:
We believe that we make plans as an organization, but God directs our steps.  We believe in prayer and do not make decisions unless we feel like God is directing us.  We incorporate this value into our daily lives and commit to pray for each other, as well as the families we serve on a regular basis.  We commit to pray about the plans we are making and wait for confirmation on how to proceed next.

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