Back to School Blessing

Take the burden of back to school expenses off a working class family in your community

Every year we provide the opportunity to make a real, meaningful difference in a child’s life through HOPEmatch Back to School Blessing Day. Many families are struggling in our community to pay their basic expenses, and back to school lists keep getting longer and longer. At HOPEmatch, we work to help families who are trying to make it on their own with some of the “extra” expenses of life so that they can keep afloat. This means that families can pay their bills, feed their families, keep their homes, and thrive.

HopeMatch volunteers with children they help under "Back to School Blessing" project


Similar to Christmas, you contact us to let us know you want to help a family with Back to School expenses. You can either SHOP or DONATE.

If you want to SHOP: You would let us know if you would like to help a family with 1 child, 2 children, 3 children, or 4 children. We then match you with a specific list for the children you will help. You will purchase as many items as you are able, and drop off the items to us on Monday, August 4th (location to be determined).

If you want to DONATE: You visit our website and choose which giving amount you would like. There is a range of giving amounts that will match any budget!


Together, we can provide HOPE in a practical way to our neighbors through the gift of back to school supplies. This will mean a child will go to school feeling confident and prepared to take their education to the next level, and a parent will be able to breathe a little easier knowing their child is set up for a great school year. Thank you for your generosity!