Give Hope for the Holidays

Find out how you can help families in need  this holiday season

We have reached capacity!

We have reached capacity for the number of donors we can accept who want to sponsor a whole family for the season. There is still a much needed opportunity to give a A Merry Measure Match, which is used to provide missing gifts and last minute needs for multiple families we will serve this season. Help us finish the season strong with a Merry Measure Match today and be part of making a local family’s Christmas fabulous!

Program: Merry Measure Match

Donation: Any amount

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At HopeMatch, we go to great lengths to assure to the best of our ability that we are helping people who truly need the help and would not normally ask for help on their own. Each nomination is screened and verified before we match it with a donor.

Yes, we are already listed on many matching gifts lists with some of the major employers in the Charlotte area. Check with your HR department to see if HopeMatch is on the list. If it is not, please let your HR department know that you would like us added. If you need any additional information from us, please let us know. This is a great source of revenue for us to help families throughout the year!

At HopeMatch, we strive to make your giving experience as personalized as possible. We provide you with a list of items for the families so that you get items that will really make them feel special. We also give them a “thank you” card they can return to us to let you know what it meant to them to get the help. We forward those cards in January, once they are received.

HopeMatch started as a Christmas program, but has grown into so much more! We are really looking for people to partner with us who believe in what we are doing to bring HOPE to our community. It would help us tremendously if you would consider being a MONTHLY donor to HopeMatch. Since HopeMatch is privately funded, it would help us take our mission to the next level. It is easy to set up a MONTHLY donation here on our website.

The HopeMatch Process

Here’s how we match deserving families with generous givers

1. Refer

Members of the community nominate someone they know who needs help with Christmas through our website in October and


2. Screen

Families are chosen after the nomination forms are carefully screened by trained volunteers.


3. Call

We like to surprise families with the good news that they’ve been chosen for our program by calling them.


4. Match

Donors are matched with a family and can either do the shopping themselves or donate funds for a volunteer to shop.

5. Deliver

Each gift is wrapped and labeled by the volunteers and delivered before Christmas.


6. Chat

Families are contacted at the first of the year to determine their needs of the coming year. We then look for ways to connect the families with resources in the community that can help them.


7. Give

Families who were helped the previous years are invited to our Give Back event in December to pass their blessing forward to new families we are helping in the new holiday season.